My goal for this blog is to write when I'm feeling inspired, and not just create content to create. However, I realize that being consistent is still also a fair objective. It' s been exciting to dig deep and think about what I desire to write about and I'm finding the process easier then I thought.

As I was looking through my phone, I realized I took less photos this year then last. I think the reason for that was because I chose to be a more private person this year. I don't enjoy seeing someones every move and only catching up with the people I care about via the internet. So I began taking less photos and posting less intentionally to just live. For that I'm grateful because my camera roll is full of good memories rather than just all the "fluff".

Today I decided to share a few mini victories I'm proud I've accomplished in my life in 2019. These range from personal to professional topics. Enjoy :)

1.I began working out consistently and taking my health back and taking it serious. I have tried various diets, keto, meal plans etc. I'm a true believer that different things work differently for everyone and I hate being pushed into trying something. I only will if its something that seems like it will interest in me. Well through much trial and error, I have come to fall in love with cycling! The first time I tried it the instructor noticed me and asked me after class if it was my first time ryding in the studio. I nodded and she complimented me saying I did great. So I continued going and three months later I keep going back again every week. I truly love the workout and it has benefited me in so many positive ways. That plus a balanced diet has kept me sane and feeling pretty good and I'm so glad I found something I really enjoy doing that benefits my overall mental and physical health.

2. I navigated through unknown territory in my business aka came across several situations that were firsts I had never had to deal with before. I had brides who became REAL FRIENDS and cherished my artistry so much it brought me to many happy tears! I booked jobs out of my comfort zone, said yes to scary but exciting projects and tried new things! This photo represents one of my all time favorite hairstyles I created. Low loose cascading pinned back hair seemed to be a bridal fav this year as I have several photos in my camera roll of a similar look. However, this one was extra special because I created a custom floral crown on top of this brides head homemade just from loose small flowers. I impressed myself and was very pleased with the outcome, so much so that I wish to continue doing more of them in 2020!

3. After 7 years of dating, I was surprised in the ultimate way and proposed to in the most magical view overlooking Newport Beach with the prettiest ring I've ever seen truly. It was the perfect moment I never knew could exist in my life, it seriously was out of a movie. My fiance took almost a full year of planning to pull this off and he considered me in every moment of my dream proposal and it was the most thoughtful thing and day that was all about me and our love for each other and it could not have been more beautiful. Its taken me truly about 5 months to process the whole experience of getting engaged and finally having it be my turn to a bride!

4. I got super comfortable with myself. I have never felt more confident then I have since this year. I dont feel the need to impress anyone anymore. I dont need to show off what im doing what im eating what ive seen. I just enjoy my own life, most days makeup less and enjoying the simple things such as a really good cup of coffee.

5. I began to get my gears turning with something I'm super passionate about: Mentor-ship and community. I am building a online business beauty guide to provide mentor-ship all about creating and sustaining a lucrative career in the wedding industry! coming real soon...

That's all for now, Keep an eye out for more new exciting things in 2020. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe time ringing in the New Year.