Updated: Dec 31, 2019

PC: JSchnackweddings

Hair: Meghan Valerie

Oh hello there, Meghan Valerie here! I have been putting off writing a blog for probably about 3 years. Most likely because about every winter when there is down time I get all these fabulous ideas and then spring comes along and I am an insanely busy traveling hairstylist for 9 months out of the year.

Things are a bit different this year because I am taking much needed time for myself these next 5 months, to enjoy a time I know I will never get back in my life: the season of being engaged. Its been a really interesting and exciting roller coaster of emotional highs and some lows the past 8 months but I am very excited most of all to be marrying a wonderful man I love whole-heartedly.

I decided what would be a better first post then to provide some insight on some questions I get asked all the time so my past current and future clients can learn a little more about my artistry.


1. Do you still like to do your own hair and makeup since you do it for a living?

Short answer: Not really. Only on occasion when I'm going out somewhere special do I enjoy doing my hair and makeup, the more seasoned of an artist you become I feel like the more you stop wanting to put makeup on yourself, at least that's the case for me. I still enjoy trying new looks but mostly enjoy doing practicing my craft on other people vs myself.

2. What are some good tips for healthy looking hair? First and foremost, cut your hair every 8 weeks.YES that much. I recommend using a salon quality shampoo that you purchase at the salon (not amazon) and a hair mask once a week (favorite brands are Unite and Davines) and a leave in conditioner every time you wash your hair right out of the shower. Favorite is Oi milk from Davines or Pureology color effects leave in mist.

3. Whats the largest bridal party you've ever worked on?

13 people in a two part one day wedding which had a 4:00am call time! I usually only prefer 5-6 services max a day because on top of traveling I want to make sure my priority is taking care of the bride and easing into my day and not be stressed by the time I arrive to perform 10 + services. After being in the industry for as long as I have, you learn to work smarter every year.

4. Whats your favorite way to stle someones hair?

Anything effortless looking. Loose low pony with lots of texture. Undone waves all down, Messy up dos and of course any type of braid. Basically nothing structured even though I am capable of doing these styles as well.

5. How long have you been doing hair and makeup?

I have been a working hair and makeup artist for 8 years, and had several jobs throughout my career before launching my own business in 2017 and completely working for myself.

6. Whats your biggest pet peeve?

People who think creating beauty is not art that takes true skill and talent. Period.

7. Whats the difference between airbrush foundation and traditional ?

This question is SO POPULAR. The easiest way to explain it, airbrush is applied with an air compressor with a silicone based foundation and it ensures long lasting effect with more of a matte finish, however it is not the best and only option for everyone. I recommend it for summer brides and those who don't want lots of contour. Traditional foundation is always easier to blend and can have just as much of a long lasting all day effect when applied correctly and set with a translucent powder and sometimes better if you prefer a more highlighted and contoured look. I offer both and we decide upon meeting in person which is best suited for you.

8. Do you work weddings every weekend and are off during the week?

I typically work 5 days a week. I take 1 true day off a week where I try not to think about work which is very difficult when you own your own business. On the weekends I travel and am out on the job. During the week I am responding to clients, creating schedules and contracts, restocking and cleaning my kit and working on marketing etc.

9. Whats your favorite makeup brand?

Too Faced and Makeup Forever are my top two brands I have the most of in my kit, but there are several other brands I love as well. I find Too Faced eye-shadows to be my favorite. And makeup forever for concealing and foundation to be my favorite for my radiant natural style.

10. How do I get my makeup to last all day long?

Don't wipe your face if you are hot, I will provide blotting sheets for this purpose in case your face begins to get oily or dewy from weather conditions. If you start crying, let the tears fall never smudge or touch under your eyes, after tears are done falling take tissue and dab gently on the face, the makeup should not streak.For long lasting lip color,always have your own color or lip touch up color I provide near you and re-apply this color in between your ceremony and reception. After hiring a professional, the rest of your makeup should be long lasting all day throughout the evening of your event.

BONUS QUESTION: What do you like better, hair or makeup?

Hair for sure is my first passion and came a bit more naturally for me, but once learning and getting into makeup I have really enjoyed doing makeup as well and find makeup is more of a therapeutic process for me because it involves more steps.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog post, stay tuned here to learn more xo, Meg